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22 Green Marketing Stats For Earth Day

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[zl_mate_code label=”2″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Earth day is celebrated by over 192 nations.”]1a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”3″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” ]2a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”4″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”64.90% of consumers believe preserving the environment is important.”]3a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”5″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”64.45% of consumers are willing to give up convenience or pay more for green products.”]4a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”6″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” ]5a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”7″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Only 31.27% have actually used green products in the last 6 months.”]6a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”8″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Illusory superiority, in its essence, causes people to overestimate their positive qualities and underestimate their negative qualities.”]7a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”9″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”In one study, 87% of Stanford MBA students rated their academic performance as being above the median.”]8a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”10″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”When rating their ability to get along well with others, 85% of students put themselves above the median, while 25% rated themselves in the top 1%.”]9a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”11″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”And this is exactly what the data suggests. Many of the categories with the largest percentage difference between stated beliefs about their willingness to pay more or give up convenience to buy green products and their actual behavior also rank higher for more superficial buying motivations. “]10a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”12″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”33% variance between stated beliefs and green purchase behaviors.”]11a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”13″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”29% variance between stated beliefs and green purchase behaviors.”]12a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”14″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”26% variance between stated beliefs and green purchase behaviors.”]13a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”15″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Truth.”]14a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”16″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”15.7% SOV building materials, 3.6% of vehicle market, 5% detergents & cleaners.”]15a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”17″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Yes. We’re marketers. It’s what we do.”]16a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”18″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”95% of “green” products are reported to make misleading or inaccurate claims.”]17a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”19″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Junk mail kills more than 2.6 million trees every year. Of that, 44% is never opened and only 22% is recycled, meaning nearly 1.5 billion pounds ends up in a landfill each year. In just 5 days, there would be enough junk mail to stretch to the moon.”]18a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”20″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”42% of consumers believe that environmentally friendly products don’t work as well as conventional ones.”]19a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”21″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Consumers are willing to buy green products, even pay more or give up convenience, but they want to know that they’re getting what they paid for and the products have to work at least as well as their preferred non-green alternative.”]20a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”22″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”We’ll, we can’t force people to tell the truth, even if they’re not aware they’re lying, but we can change the way we talk about green products.”]21a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”23″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”34% of consumers are considered “eco-apathetic,” recognizing the concept of climate change but sharing none of the responsibility.”]22a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”24″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Economics 101″]23a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”25″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”If this were two humans making this transaction, one of these parties would quickly grow poor, hungry, and well…”]24a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”26″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Unfortunately this does little to balance this economic equation and has shown to be a relatively ineffective strategy. Consumers are sticky. When they choose a product they like, it’s typically difficult to get them to switch once they’ve developed a preference and habit for a product. The “green” benefit has not, to date, outweighed the costs/risks of switching.”]25a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”27″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Simple in theory, I know.”]26a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”28″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Have an environmental fee (not a donation or tax) for products that goes directly back to offsetting the environmental damage caused by each specific product. Create a social cost or stigma towards the use of harmful products (in the 1800s, Ataturk, leader of the Ottoman empire, progressed women from covering their faces not by outlawing it but by requiring that adulterers did so. How quickly could we rid the road of big SUVs if we made it a requirement that criminals had to drive them).

[zl_mate_code label=”29″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”This will help consumers better understand the impact that their purchases have on the environment and give them the opportunity to decide whether the benefit of the product outweighs the costs (in which case, ideally a system can be in place to offset those environmental costs) or whether it is more beneficial for them to buy a more environmentally friendly product.”]28a[/zl_mate_code]

[zl_mate_code label=”30″ count=”1″ link1=”http://#” text=”Since 2004, there has been a 110% growth in the preference for green goods. “]29a[/zl_mate_code]


*No trees were killed in the making of this blog; however, a few electrons were disturbed.



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