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What on Earth is an Active Explorer and Why Should You Care?

You don’t have to be an athlete to be an active.

At Williams Helde, we get so excited about the possibilities behind the Active Explorer that we forget to explain one simple fact.

What does active explorer even mean?

TRUE STORY: We discovered the Active Explorer when we were looking somewhere else.


In our original demographic study of the active healthy lifestyle, we discovered something interesting. Although there was a small percentage of core athletes, there was a highly influenced psychographic around them that emulated them in very important ways. They exercised more, ate well, traveled more, spent more, and were more loyal than others in the population. More importantly, we discovered ways to speak to them, and how to draw them to your brand.


The Active Explorer is big news. Not just for the Nikes and the North Faces of the world, but for travel, food, automotive, consumer electronics, ecommerce – any industry looking to inspire their best customers to action. There’s a new consumer language emerging, one that looks past the four p’s of product, promotion, place and price, and into a fifth: possibility.

“Active Explorers are challenging life’s unwritten rules. They’re looking for inspiration from the clothes they wear, the gear they use and the food they eat, engaging with products and services that help them become a better version of themselves.”

If you have a strong Active Explorer brand, you have credibility, loyalty and engagement advantages over your competitors. At Williams Helde, we believe we can help unlock this potential in your brand.

But wait, you’re saying, my business has nothing to do with Active Whatevers.

Hold that thought. And watch this space.

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