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Favorite Ads of 2012

I recently polled our team for their favorite ads of 2012. Here’s some campaigns we loved this past year!

Marc, President

Expedia, Find Yours

Rachel, Account Director
Ford Escape, Hands Free Lift Gate (Read about it here)

Kinley, Associate Creative Director

Ragu, Long Day Of Childhood
Audi, Vampire Party

Amber, Graphic Designer

Life Is Water, First World Problems
VW, Don’t Text And Drive

Kaitlyn, Senior Account Executive

Google+, New Dad
Google+, Circles Love Story

John, Digital Developer

Galaxy S3

Sonya, Graphic Designer

L’Odyssée de Cartier

Alicia, Account Executive

Geico, Happier Than A Slinky On An Escalator

Jennifer, Account Executive

Bing, Discovering Hawaii

Stacey, Director of Strategy

Chipotle, Back To The Start
Dollar Shave Club
P&G, Best Job

Steven, Media Director

Barak Obama, Forward Presidential Campaign
I won’t make you watch another political ad, so I’ll leave you with this instead.
NASA, Curiosity: Seven Minutes Of Terror
Red Bull, Mission To The Edge Of Space
Paralympics, Superhumans
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