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Four Crucial Elements for a Strong Trade Show Presence

Fresh off a trip to San Francisco, we brought back more than just a suitcase full of swag from the 2012 annual American Dental Association meeting. From the small exhibitors to the industry giants, here are some tips for making your trade show presence stand out in the crowd.

  1. Let your audience participate.
    1. When you ask visitors to listen in for a three to five-minute presentation, give them a voice. Live audience polling is a fun way to keep people engaged in your message delivery. Every time a question is posed, the answer can incorporate a claim or a product benefit. And once your five minutes is up, attendees should leave chanting your new tagline or reciting your latest claim.

  2. Provide multiple ways to interact.
    1. Tweet or Facebook in real time from your booth, taking pictures of wiling attendees as they explore your products. Give them a sign to hold that proclaims their love for your brand! And then share, share, share.
    2. Use tablets as part of your sales reps’ in-booth pitch. Prepare videos that attendees can interact with, showcase products, or walk customers through your easy online ordering process.
    3. For the more bashful attendees, ensure there is a place where they can interact with your sales materials without getting the full pitch or for when sales reps are busy.
  3. Bring value to your presentation or sales pitch.
    1. Don’t just pitch for the sake of pitching. Give attendees a reason to care about your brand instead of just spelling it out for them. Put your product claims to good use! Show them what makes your brand or product better than your competitors’.
  4. Remember, not all samples are created equal.
    1. It is a trade show after all. Folks love samples, so think through your giveaways! When the show is over and attendees are unpacking their swag, make sure yours doesn’t end up in the trash.  If it’s a trial offer sample, provide all the necessary components, include simple steps to order more, and maybe even throw in a coupon!

If you’re hitting all these elements during your industry tradeshow, you’re well on your way to creating a strong brand presence. And if you’re missing a few key components, check out competitor booths to see what may help make you stand out from the crowd.

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