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Our 45th year of business was spectacular

2014 was a spectacular year for Williams Helde and our clients. What an amazing business we are in! This year brought forth lots of change in the industry, new clients, transitions and loads of success. I can honestly say that nothing is business as usual and there is no lack of boredom. After 45yrs in business there is no need for a mid-life crisis.

Moving on up: Welcome to Belltown

The biggest change we made was moving physical locations. While the beginning of the year had us in temporary housing in Ballard, in the spring we were able to purchase and move into our new location in Belltown. This move has been beyond physical, as it brought forth a new mindset, fresh thinking and allowed us to actualize our dreams of Flight. Flight is our creative process and the new open layout allowed us to think better together and create a truly harmonic process between creative, technology and account teams. It is a true joy to see everyone in the agency invested in marketing, problem solving and creative development.

After all this is a creative business. In addition to getting more ideas that are better, faster, it has truly driven engagement and better ideas for our clients. Additionally, we were able to bring about 30 original oil paintings from Jim Williams out of storage to inspire us everyday.

Meaningful work

We are fortunate to have such great clients that work with us. We are lucky to be involved with bringing products to market that truly make our lives better. The year started out with the full rebrand and re-launch of Harry’s Fresh foods. Hundreds of scrumptious packages rolled out across the nation with our new branding .

From there we moved on to rolling our perhaps the most important campaign of our lives by creating a safety program for Alaska Airlines which we named Ready. Safe. Go.

We also crafted a number of important programs for Alaska including the launch of their self tag program,

and their new onboard experience. For Sonicare we transcended the globe and launched new products, inspired and educated Dental professionals and brought superior oral hygiene to the masses.

And, speaking of dental products, in a bold move we were able to create a truly unique campaign for Tokuyama in a flat category.

And these are just a sample of the 522 projects we completed in 2014. We are proud of all our clients for trusting in us and creating work that adds value to the world. And we are very grateful to all our suppliers, vendors, freelancers, and partners that help us do amazing things.

Perhaps the most innovative piece we created however was our intellectual around the consumer decision journey. As we launched the Mobius cycle it shone a light on how and why we do what we do, and it validated our assumptions that people are smart and marketing is more important than advertising.

As we move into 2015 we are excited about all the possibilities that exist and our place in the world. Be on the lookout for fresh talent, more technology, big ideas, more FLIGHT, more Mobius and a fresh take on our Active Healthy Lifestyle audience focus. Our 46th year is looking pretty bright.

Marc Williams
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