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Proof that the iPhone is still winning

If you’ve read any technology articles lately, they may be leading you down a path that might suggest that Apple is a thing of the past. Now I’m not going to point out that Apple’s iPhone market share continues to grow while Android’s…well, declines. Or that Apple’s “old” iPhone 4S outsells Samsung’s top of the line Galaxy III (for the record, I’m a huge Samsung fan). Or the fact that Firefox’s new OS, Blackberry, Microsoft, etc., all of these phones are taking market share from the Android market but barely denting the iPhone market. Or even that Samsung makes fun of people for waiting in line for Apple’s product launches despite the fact that it would give anything for people to line up for its products, but repeatedly, no one does.

No, I’m not going to do that. That’d be too obvious. My proof comes from all of the authors who write hundreds of articles a day about how Apple is on the decline. It’s the fact that whenever an author writes about a new “iPhone killer,” they compare it spec-by-spec to the iPhone. And how when analysts get wind of some theoretical competitive product from Google or Samsung or Microsoft, they spend pages criticizing Apple’s lack of innovation and discuss how Apple’s falling behind. Apple, Apple, Apple.

The reality is that Apple remains the gold standard against which everything else is compared to. And frankly, no one has even come close to dethroning them. People still care a whole lot about Apple. Until the day that my tech news feed is filled with articles about how the Nokia Lumina 920 stacks up to the HTC One (which is sweet, btw), I won’t believe a word these “analysts” say (note: Microsoft has just launched a campaign going directly after Android phone models. I think this is a smart move). Perhaps they’ve all gotten caught up in the smoke and mirrors of shiny objects and forgot that while Google was touting products that don’t exist, Apple continues to sell actual, real life products at record rates (and while I’m personally excited to try the Google Glass, I get made fun of for wearing my Bluetooth headset whilst driving. I have a hard time seeing broad social acceptance for awkward single-lens glasses in the immediate future. Seriously, why didn’t they just make them look like normal glasses?).

Analysts trash Apple, people sell, Apple’s stock declines, analysts buy?

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