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The Buzz: January 28th, 2013

The Buzz: The executive summary of the top things to be aware of this week.

  1. Are you ready for some footbaaaaaaall?

    • In case you’ve been living under a rock, you may not be aware that the Super Bowl is coming up next weekend. This is both the biggest day for sports in the US and the biggest day for advertising. I’m not sure any of these top my favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time, Miler High Life’s 1 second ad from 2009. What does 1/30th of a Super Bowl ad cost?

  2. MySpace: Don’t call it a comeback!
    • MySpace relauched a beautiful new website last week. I personally love the new layout and like the fact that they’re returning to their music roots. I don’t think it’ll be competing with Facebook or Twitter anytime soon, but I think there’s a huge opportunity for MySpace to make a massive comeback. Maybe Frendster will be next.
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  4. Blackberry 10: Don’t call it a comeback, pt. 2
    • Now I’m slightly less optimistic about this one, but Blackberry is releasing a new phone and a new mobile OS, called Blackberry 10, which they plan to license to other OEMs. Feels a little too little, too late to me, but I wish them luck.
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  6. Office 2013 is arriving
    • Microsoft is launching the newest version of it’s flagship Office software. What makes this launch particularly noteworth is how it ties into the massive changes going on at Microsoft right now. Microsoft, which was historically extremely software focused, has opened up retail stores and begun selling its own hardware, which has gone…well, not great. Hopefully the Surface Pro will sell better than the Surface RT. But despite struggling hardware sales, Microsoft’s 2012 Q4 numbers were helped greatly by a strong release of their new Windows 8 operating system. The new Office has a Windows 8 look at feel and will hopefully be a success for Microsoft as they look to turn the corner from a difficult few years.
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  8. Speaking of retail stores, Barnes & Noble is diting a third of theirs
    • I’m so torn on this because I love the idea of bookstores, but I admittedly love reading on my iPad. If nothing else than a sign of the times, Barnes & Noble has made plans public to close a third of their retail stores over the next 10 years. Maybe the only thing I disagree about this strategy is taking it slow. Time’s are changing fast. If you don’t make the choice to evolve, well…just ask the dodo bird.
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