Posted by Jackie Stoesser // May 18, 2018

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HEROCLIP: the first ever carabiner that hangs from anywhere


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your gear organized, within reach and off of the ground, all while keeping your hands free? Until I was introduced to the insanely genius HEROCLIP, I couldn’t even imagine the peace of mind that comes with having your gear in the exact place that you want it – accessible and off the ground!

Enter HEROCLIP – the most useful gadget for anyone that is going places with gear. HEROCLIP is the first-ever hybrid carabiner that opens to a hook, rotates, and holds whatever, wherever, whenever. Whether you’re setting up camp in backcountry (I took mine with me on a moutain biking trip for Revant Optics), taking a coffee break in the city, or stuck with gear in a questionable airport bathroom, HEROCLIP will be there to keep up to 50 lbs of your gear tethered and upright so you can focus on the task at hand. And when you don’t need HEROCLIP to be your extra hand with 3-in-1 capability, just nest the hook back around the clip and use it as a traditional carabiner-clip.

Favorite uses

  • Hanging my backpacking pack on a tree branch to keep it off the ground, and for easy unpacking access!
  • Hanging a gravity water filter and MPowerd Luci light wherever I want in the backcountry
  • Tethering my carry-on bag to my suitcase while trekking through the airport
  • Hanging my bag from a bar or table while dining with friends
  • Using HEROCLIP like a traditional carabiner to keep my water bottle attached to my backpack.
Jackie Stoesser
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Jackie Stoesser

Jackie joined HayterComm in 2014, bringing with her a remarkable passion for the outdoor and travel industry. Raised in North Lake Tahoe among the peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the throngs of tourists from around the world, she grew up with an innate understanding of how gear, technology, and communication impacts our experience in the great outdoors. With seven years of experience managing the media relations and public perception of global brands targeting the active lifestyle consumer, Jackie is our media relations maven for all things skiing, backpacking, cycling, and destination. While media relations are her mastery, Jackie is also our in-house event guru with an inspiring track record of planning and executing experiential events for both media and consumers. When she’s not on the clock, you can find Jackie and her Australian Shepherd, Augie Doggie, in a constant state of wanderlust via foot, bicycle, skin track, or Subaru Outback.