Posted by Meredith Cook // Jun 15, 2018

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K2 Alexis 84 Pro Skate: Channeling My Inner Skate Chick


I recently got a chance to relive my old in-line skating days in a pair of K2 Alexis 84 Pro skates. I remembered being five years old and skating up and down my neighborhood street. Wind in my hair, wheels under my feet, not a care in the world.

Flash forward 20 years and my knees are wobbling uncontrollably as I attempt to get my balance on in-line skates. I catch some looks as I strap my knee and elbow pads on, underneath the windows of NYC high rises. A sweet and impressive instructor from the K2 Skate school guides me around the park and teaches me how to fall forward correctly.

I take a few deep yoga breaths and channel my inner skater chick as I start to glide down the boardwalk along the Hudson River. However silly I may have felt, I’m praying I at least looked the part in my K2 Alexis 84 Pro, baby blue skates.

Extremely comfortable and supportive, the in-line skates gave me confidence. A few minutes into my city adventure and I was cruising along without the hand of an instructor. Fortunately, the speed lacing system made it easy for me to take the skates on and off for a calamari and beer break. And the K2 Original Softboot design left me blister-free after removing my sweating feet.

Post-sweat, I was shocked at how much fun I had, despite my shaky start. I typically tend to choose sweat sessions that take me anywhere but the gym (give me a paddle board, a trail to wander, or a beach to run any day over a treadmill). In-line skating with my K2 Skates provides me with another opportunity to get sweaty, laugh at myself (a lot), and get outdoors. I loved it so much that I lugged my skates back to the West Coast with me.

Meredith Cook
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Meredith Cook

Enthusiastic, driven, and always game for an adventure, Meredith is HayterComm’s most recent addition to the team. A Seattle area native, Meredith worked her way through school at Central Washington University as a Public Relations and Special Events Coordinator for several nonprofits. Most recently, before doors opened for her at HayterComm, she put her Public Relations degree and strong communication skills to work at IslandWood, a Bainbridge Island organization that introduces the outdoors to underprivileged youth. A big believer in soaking up Washington’s gorgeous (but elusive) sunshine, Meredith’s time away from her work computer is spent lounging on an inner tube, paddling to Blake Island on her kayak, and singing in the car while searching for a beach to comb. Of course, all of these things are done with a coffee in hand, as only a Seattle gal would do.