Posted by Marc Williams // Jul 13, 2018

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean: Oral Health For Happy Travel


The bottom line is that everybody needs a Philips Sonicare. After working on the business for 14 years I have learned the importance of good oral hygiene. And, I can hold myself in conversation at a cocktail party of dentists. That being said the product is amazing. You can try it once and immediately receive the gratification of smooth teeth. This post however is about how well the Sonicare travels. With a charge lasting 2-3 weeks, and the ability to top it off with USB charging there is no reason not to bring it with you on exploration. It’s also lightweight and packs well. I know everyone reading this has been camping before and awoken the next morning to a light knit sweater over your teeth. Two-minutes with this little device and you are feeling fresh, and your tent mate won’t need to open the flaps to escape your toxic breath. Complete with advanced features, blue tooth integration, modes, and a variety of brushheads this toothbrush has everything you need to maintain perfect oral health (which effects your entire body’s ecosystem) to enable an Active, Healthy Lifestyle-and explore the world.

Marc Williams
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