Posted by Elana Rabin // Jun 29, 2018

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Revant Optics S1L Sunglasses: Built to last


Any product that can withstand the unintentional beating my gear typically endures is a winner in my book. Revant Optics’ S1L sunglasses fit the criterion.

It can be hard to believe these days when a brand boasts products built to last for a lifetime – particularly with sunglasses that tend to have a lifespan of maybe a year (if they’re lucky). While I’ve only had these sunnies for a few months now, they’ve been trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and to the beach.

The first detail of the S1Ls I noticed is that they stay put – when running, when sweaty, when doing cartwheels. This has never been the case with any sunglasses I’d used before.

The second detail I noticed – I can see everything and very clearly. The Elite lenses used in all of Revant frames are no joke – everything is crystal clear and the shape of the lenses allow peripheral vision. Also new to me, since I generally go for the lifestyle, flat frames. The S1Ls perfectly hug my face, protect my eyes, and don’t give me a headache after hours of wearing them.

The third detail requires an anecdote – I recently traveled to Italy’s Amalfi coast on vacation and after a 3-mile humid trail run with variable terrain, and lots of tourist-dodging, my husband and I stopped for a drink at a hut overlooking a cliff. While posing for a photo, I slid the sunglasses up to the top of my head, but leaned back too far and the S1Ls took a 30-foot fall to a concrete ledge. Looking at the splayed pieces below, I was sure this was the end, but upon retrieving each piece, I was able to put everything back together (somehow without a scratch) in under a minute and they worked just the same for the rest of my run and to this day.

Even when the lenses get a scratch, replacements will be available for purchase on the Revant website forever, in addition to any other part of the frames that might break over the next indefinite number of years I plan to use these great sunnies.

The Revant Optics sunglasses come in different frame and lens designs. Be sure to check out Jackie’s review of the Revant Optics S2L.

Elana Rabin
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