Encouraging the spirit of giving

Changing names to
change more lives

Project Snapshot

Forging unexpected connections

GiveSafe was born out of the desire to improve the way city-goers give money to people less fortunate. It is an app that notifies you when a person in need is nearby, and allows you to give a donation with a tap. But this transaction was about more than monetary exchange; it was about changing lives. Samaritan needed a message and brand that fit their growing vision of connecting people within their communities regardless of how they live.

Logo Exploration


Beyond the financial — into the emotional

GiveSafe goes beyond money— it is about facilitating human interaction in a the way that builds community. Tapping into people’s inherent desire to help, we developed an emotional but simple call to action.


Crafting messages to inspire action

The messaging had to not only appeal to those looking to give, but to three other audiences: people in need, philanthropic organizations, and municipalities. We created segmented, targeted messaging for four distinct groups: app users, beacon holders, municipalities and non-profits. Each one helped communicate how Samaritan could help confidence and giving them a glimpse of what’s possible.



Intersections of hope

The new brand needed an iconic mark that would stand out amongst a sea of apps while also telling a story. Drawing inspiration from human interaction as a catalyst for change, we created an “S” mark to reflect the many paths life can lead you. A single, continuous line with inflection point breaks represent the brief moments of interaction that can change someone’s day – or even their life.


In their words

“We're indebted to the creatives at Williams-Helde. A brand is intended to withstand the test of time and I am confident that's exactly what we've done with the modifications to GiveSafe. Accordingly, they've created an incalculable amount of value. Thank you, truly thank you, to Marc and the team.”

Jonathan Kumar